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Last Day of School


1.  The Last Day of Kindergarten by Nancy Loewen and Sachiko Yoshikawa (2011) 

Gr K Loewen s young heroine remains unnamed, but she is clearly every child as she waxes nostalgic about the year that has passed. The simple plot involves the typical last day clean-up, leading toward the triumphant graduation assembly. There is plenty to reflect on, but the teacher, Mrs. Popinski, directs her students to think about the future. Included in the text are excellent discussion questions that focus on summer plans and first-grade privileges. Yoshikawa s irresistibly sweet illustrations are perfect for children ready to emerge from the kindergarten cocoon and rejoice in their achievements. –School Library Journal March 2011

2. Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg & Judith DuFour Love (2006) 

Mrs. Hartwells students are worried about how sad shell be and how much shell miss them when school lets out for the summer. They look for the perfect gift to help her remember them and decide to make a poster with a poem and drawings featuring all of the things that theyll miss about school, especially their teacher. Bursting with color, the cartoon illustrations look at the experience from both sides with hilarious results. The characters faces are highly expressive and run the gamut of emotions throughout the book. As the children wrack their brains for the perfect present, a group of teachers can be seen in the distance planning their vacations with great excitement. A story with both child and teacher appeal.– School Library Journal Genevieve Gallagher, Murray Elementary School, Charlottesville, VA



And here’s some tips from Scholastic for easing your child out of school and into the summer.